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DF Flashing Material 5m Roll

  • DF Flashing Material 5m Roll
  • DF Flashing Material 5m Roll


SabetoFLEX is Denmark’s number one complete Lead replacement material, but please don’t confuse SabetoFLEX with other so-called Lead replacement products. It’s the only Lead replacement product that you can form any corners with and use for any situation where Lead would be traditionally used.

• Self- vulcanising, but protected from accidental vulcanisation;
• 100% stretch both directions, easy installation;
• Light weight;
• 100% environmentally-friendly (fish friendly);
• Very easy to install;
• Resistant against copper, zinc and other reactive particles;
• Will stick to any sound surface;
• Can be stuck on the roof without having to be overlapped from the top (steel/glass/plastic roof);
• Comes in 2 colours;
• Stainless steel mesh inside almost impossible to damage by stretching;
• Very flexible – will not break even after it’s been bent many times;
• Has shape memory – will not “try” to move back to previous position;
• Very durable, will not break due to heat expansion (test of 80 000 cycles @ 50% stretch);
• Neatly and safely packed;
• 20 years warranty (material proves little damage even after 60 years);
• Don’t need painting over to keep warranty;
• No scrap value for thieves;
• Can stand up to 250°C;
• Stays flexible even in -60°C.

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