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Exodraft Chimney Fans

Exodraft Chimney Fans

It is the function of the chimney both to remove the smoke and supply oxygen for effective combustion. In an ideal situation this is done though the natural chimney draught, but in reality both the chimney itself and other external factors affect the natural draught and thus the effectiveness of the chimney.

An exodraft chimney fan gives you complete control over the chimney draught. The chimney fan is installed on top of the chimney and creates a negative pressure in the flue, thus ensuring that the flue gases are extracted up the chimney rather than into the room. The fan control enables you to adjust the chimney draught to suit your needs, so you can enjoy the full comfort of a warm fireplace or wood-burning stove.

In addition, the exodraft chimney fan system gives you the freedom to choose your gas fireplace on the basis of what you want, rather than what the building architecture or layout will allow. In some countries the system can be used in conjunction with a wall-mounted chimney fan.

With exodraft chimney fan systems you always have control over the chimney draught regardless of the weather conditions or other factors influencing the natural draught.