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Boasting revolutionary thermal properties, ThermaFlue is high quality, cost-effective and tailored to fit all flexible flue liners. We strongly recommend that, in instances where chimneys are positioned on external walls or the chimney void is particularly large, that the flexible flue liner in insulated with ThermaFlue. This prevents the flue gases from condensing, which is a highly corrosive process that will result in the liner failing prematurely. Taking the time and care to insulate a flexible flue liner with ThermaFlue helps to maintain flue gas temperatures and improve overall chimney and appliance performance.

Installing ThermaFlue gives an advantage to any duct that is renovated using a flexible liner, but it is especially recommended in the following two instances:
• when the chimney duct is big compared to the liner;
• when the brick chimney is built on an external wall and not surrounded with rooms on all four sides.

The inner of ThermaFlue offers the following advantages:
• improves the performance of the flue;
• improves the efficiency of the stove;
• reduces condensation;
• reduces creosote build-up;
• it is the only one product of its kind to be physically tested with a flue liner in BSRIA according to BS EN1856-2:2009 and approved by HETAS;
• it has a rating of T600 N1/P1/P2 D/W Vm (L*****) G which means that it does not decrease the designation of any liner available on the market;
• it is more cost-efficient and easier to install than backfilling a chimney with vermiculite;
• it has got a patented connecting system with D-G links;
• improves environment friendliness of a system; the warmer the liner, the better the combustion, all with less contamination;
• makes future re-lining much easier than if vermiculite is present in the chimney.

The inner wall of ThermaFlue comprie a durable and inflammable needled glass fibre that provides excellent resistance and stability. The outer wall is constructed from a moisture repellent, non-flammable silicone coated material. The sum of the parts of these premium quality constituents means that ThermaFlue is guaranteed for no fewer than 10 years ThermaFlue is designed and tested to withstand long-term operational temperatures of up to 600oC. It is suitable for use with all gas, oil and solid-fuel burning appliances to which a flexible flue liner can be attached.


ThermaFlue has been tested to BSRIA according to BS EN1856-2:2009 and approved by HETAS. It has a rating of T600 N1/P1/P2 D/W Vm (L*****) G. It is capable of withstanding higher temperatures but, in case of a chimney fire, must always be replaced.

ThermaFlue is manufactured in one-metre sections and is available in a choice of two widths. TH5-6 is suitable for 125mm and 150mm diameter liners and TH7-8 for 175mm and 200mm diameters.

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